December 2022 Fishing Reports

At last the December reports are out. The big news was Ed and Lane’s trip to Venice…Louisiana. Pictures are first with the reports below.

From Lane Hoffman and Ed Rabinowe: we had a great trip to Venice LA! Fishing was very good with fish up to 36lbs!

From Rich Harvey: Big and Little tree lakes produced trout on Chironomid emergers. Fishing wasn’t hot in terms of numbers, but Dave and I landed some big ones.

From Mike Shiiki: Schmadeke Pond in mid December with my friend Christian… had some good runs with orange olive half wit… in the afternoon it was slow and then remembered Dave did well with a white leech… caught a bunch including the two XLs on a white half wit.

From Darryl Huff: got a bright winter run from the lower Sandy on a bead.

From Chris Brehm: my brother Santa Steve had a good time on the Sacramento River at Redding.

From Mike Shiiki: went to Ranier Lakes & the middle lake only had this little spot that wasn’t iced over… decided to fish it since I drove all the way there and landed a few nice trout.

From Dave Kilhefner: caught an old native silver on the Sandy while prospecting for steelhead.

Thanks to everyone for sending in your reports!

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