Fly Fishing Challenge

2020 CFF Challenge Program

Members who signed up and completed the 2020 Challenge have received a certificate, a patch for first-timers and a special covid pin in the mail.

The members that completed the 2020 Challenge were Dave Kilhefner, Gil Henderson, Tom Flannery, Richard Harvey, George Coutts, Darryl Huff, Chris Gardiner and Brad Jonasson.

Members who signed up but did not complete the 2020 Challenge may roll-over any partial accomplishments towards completing the 2021 Challenge and are not required to sign up again.

2021 CFF Challenge Program

Program completion requirements are the same as 2020, HOWEVER, you must be signed up and receive your entry number to participate. Email Brad Jonasson to sign up at Submit your completed card to Brad 

Challenge Qualifications:
*Catch three (3) different species, each on separate dates
*Where:  Western USA, Alaska, Canada, Mexico
*On a fly
*Fish minimum is six inches in length
*Try one new knot and describe
Please share pictures for the CFF Blog if practicable.

Have fun and good luck!