Fly Fish for Golden Dorado in Argentina!

Joe Warren, who has spoken at Clackamas Fly Fisher’s a few times, is hosting a fly fishing trip to the Parana River in Argentina for big golden dorado this fall.  He is looking for 1 to 2 anglers to embark on this adventure. The Parana is the second largest river of South America and home to some of the worlds largest Golden Dorado. This trip is priced at a great savings compared to others with 8 days of angling (not 5 or 6). Quality is the name of the game with fish up to and over 30 lbs!  The trip is arranged through Nervous Waters and hosted by Parana River Outfitters.  Contact Joe for more information.

When:  October 5-16th, 2021

Cost:  $3, 650.00, includes transport from final domestic flight to hotel, lodging, meals, and guiding.  Not included, international airfare, 2nd domestic flight and gratuities.

50% deposit due at sign up, final deposit due 60 days (Aug) before the trip.

Contact Info:


About the location and fishing:

Wilder Lake Fish A Long Report

Here’s the report from last weekends Fish A Long at Wilder Lake. First off, we got very lucky with the weather. It was raining hard in the early morning just before we arrived and then only rained once during the day, but this was during lunch and we were protected under the covered area.

We started the morning with hot coffee and donuts. Vickie Loftus of Stillwater Adventures provided a selection of fishing flies for everyone that attended and they were put to good use. Later we enjoyed a hot lunch provide by Cheryl Kilhefner.

The water temperature in the lake was 50 degrees, with a nice green color and 3-4 feet of visibility. I broke out my depth/fish finder and on the screen most of the trout were hovering at a depth of 6 to 8 feet down, even in the deeper water.

The fishing was slower than normal as the lake hadn’t really warmed up yet plus several weather fronts were moving thru, as a result the fish were not very active. We had quite a few short strikes. Even so, everyone got into fish and most of them were pretty good sized and fought well. Everyone had a very good time. Since the fishing was slower than normal the lake owner, Andy Wilder, very generously invited us to come back for a free day of fishing. I’ll get a survey email out soon so we can get this scheduled.

Thanks to everyone that could attend and for making our first fish a long of 2021 a great one!

March 2021 Presidents Message

Just when we felt it was safe to breathe a sigh of relief that 2020 was really over, 2021 says “hold my beer” and throws a mega ice storm at us. For the second month in a row we had to cancel our fish-a-long, but on a positive note we are for sure going to have our March 20th fish-a-long at Wilder Lake.

I’ve updated the 2021 Fish-a-long calendar. Check it out and mark the dates on your calendar.

Besides having a fish a long, here’s more good news: High Rocks Pub is open! I drive by it on my way home from work and for the first time all winter noticed cars in the parking lot and the open sign was on. Cheryl and I stopped in for dinner and enjoyed a nice meal. Unfortunately the meeting room is not open yet but having High Rocks open again is a big step in the right direction!

This March marks my one year anniversary as club President and it’s been a challenging year. The last actual meeting we were able to have was over a year ago in February 2020, when Mark Bachmann gave a presentation on the Sandy River. Since we haven’t been able to have meetings, I’ve focused on Fish-a-longs and keeping the website updated, mostly by posting monthly fishing reports. Since it looks like we won’t be able to have meetings for at least several more months I’d like to try a few Zoom meetings. People with good info to share have expressed interest in giving our club some presentations with a local flair. I’ll get a survey email sent out soon, please be on the lookout for it.

While the crazy weather put a damper on fishing last month there were lots of opportunities to help friends and neighbors with storm cleanup, which builds good karma. Last weekend Cheryl and I went out to fellow CFF member Rhona Dallison’s place to help cut up both large and small tree limbs knocked down by the heavy ice. We also cleared her river access trail and hopefully we’ll have some good steelhead reports from there in the near future. It was the fun day. The weather was great and Rhona & Kelly put on a top notch work party with plenty of food & refreshments that wrapped up around a big bonfire. Good times!

March signals the beginning of spring and many local fisheries begin to wake up and turn on. Trout in our local lakes will begin to get active as water temperatures rise from the low 40’s to the high 40’s. The Deschutes will have good fishing if water levels are stable. Last but not least, March is the best month for trophy steelhead so don’t hang up your spey rod just yet, even though I readily admit it’s temping with the slow year we’ve had so far.

For several years now we have been posting monthly fishing reports. Looking back on them is a fun way to get ideas for local fly fishing opportunities currently happening or coming up. Type “March” or “April” and you’ll get all the past reports for that month.

Please remember our sponsors this, they are the lifeblood of the club. Stop by their shops and let them know your appreciate their support. Better yet buy something or book a trip. Good fishing!

Dave Kilhefner