President’s Message July 2018


Summer is upon us and things will be winding down for the club over the summer.  We will not be having a general meeting in August and no fly tying in July and August.  Many of you will be busy with family and vacations, but do try and include some fishing activities.

Our speaker in June was Nick Wheeler from the Royal Treatment Fly Shop in West Linn.  Nick, a self proclaimed Shad junkie, gave a great presentation on fishing for Shad in the Willamette and Columbia.  He covered flies, gear, technique and locations to pursue these fish.  The runs are gigantic and there is limited bank access to go after them . Many in the club will be going after them this year and most certainly next year.

We  will not have a speaker at our July meeting as it scheduled to be a swap meet. Check around the place and come prepared to make some deals.

You can recall I mentioned that our Membership Director will be retiring at the end of this year. No one has responded to date and it would be great to have someone  volunteer as they could work with Red for a few months to get a feel for the position. It really does not take a lot of time and it is a key role in the club.  Please let someone on the board know it you are interested.

The July fish-a-long is in the works and more will be forthcoming.  We are a volunteer group and sometimes schedules prevent our fish-a-long director from hosting the event as what happen in June.  Again, please step up and help if you possibly can as hosting an event is not that big a deal.

Again there will be no meetings in August.  The board wishes you and your family a enjoyable summer.  We will see you in September.

Do not forget our sponsors as they are the lifeblood of our club. Stop by their shops to say hello and thank them for their support. Better yet buy something or book a trip to really underscore our gratitude for their support.

Gil Henderson

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