Great Day on the Sandy-April 10, 2017

Ris Bradshaw and myself were the lucky winners of the float trip on the Sandy River donated by the FLY FISHING SHOP in Welches. The trip was guided by Mark Bachmann and he put together a enjoyable trip that took us from Dodge Park to Dabney Park. The river was in good shape and surprisingly with little pressure.  Mark put us on some great water, had brimming hot coffee , hot lunch prepared by his wife Patty Barnes, as well as sharing his intimate knowledge of the Sandy River and of course Steelhead fishing.

To top it all off Ris landed two nice Steelhead and I had one on for a few shakes before it waived goodbye.  The weather was mixed but all in all very comfortable with the right equipment. No one fell in and we fished hard until late in the afternoon. It was certainly a memorable trip for all of us.

Again, thanks to Mark for donating the trip and for being such a consistently strong supporter of Clackamas Fly Fishers.

CFF Fly Fishing Challenge

This 2017 season the club is sponsoring a new program (Fly Fishing Challenge) to promote Pacific Northwest fisheries and to encourage membership participation in the many fly fishing opportunities this region offers.  Every club member is eligible to register at no cost for the Challenge to catch any salmonoid species from (1) a lake, (2) a river, and (3) a stream during the 2017 fishing season, and to notate the catch on a card (received at registration) for submission to the club once the challenge has been fulfilled.  Pictures are encouraged if taken without harm to the catch.  Participants successfully completing the Challenge will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement and a patch for their vest at the next membership meeting. (More information will be available at the April club meeting.)

2017 Sandy River Spey Clave

The  2017 Sandy River Spey Clave will be here quickly and if you have any interest In Spey fishing then this a must go to event.  It is brought to us each year by the Fly Fishing Shop in Welches, who is also a long term premiere sponsor of our club.    The event will be on Friday 5/12/17 and Saturday 5/13/17 at the Oxbow Park on the Sandy River. It has a large display of rods and reels as well as representatives from the manufacturers who are happy to answer questions and even let you try it on the river.  In addition on Friday 5/12/17 expert Spey casters will be giving lessons to  set number of people for only $10.  What an opportunity if you want to learn to cast or to improve your casting.  Do not wait to sign up as participation is limited.

You can find all the details and the schedule of speakers at


President’s Message March 2017



The rivers are getting into fishable shape more often as the days of winter wane. Of course we all hope that the fish will take the opportunity to start getting aggressive and tug or hit a fly. Be aware that we have an great snow pack which could mean some higher water in many of our rivers this spring.  We will be adjusting some fish-a-longs to reflect water conditions.

Our February speaker was Mark Bachmann, owner of the Fly Fishing Shop, and he gave us a very interesting program on the history of the Sandy River. He tied in some great pictures of Steelhead, Chinook, and Trout that were caught in that river. It was a really interesting program.  Mark has been the longest supporter of our club and we appreciate his continue interest and support.

The speaker for March will be from the Deschutes River Alliance and we will get an update on their efforts to protect this river. All of us who have fished the river for a number of years have experienced the changes and many of those seem to have had a negative impact on the fish. This should be an interesting update.

Wow, as you read we had a great fish-a-long at McIver Park on the Clackamas River. We were targeting Steelhead and although no fish were caught all was not lost as some members assisted other members who were new to Spey casting. In addition a nice lunch of hot dogs and chili topped off an pleasant day.

This month if conditions allow we will again try for Steelhead by going back to Dave Kilhefner place on the Sandy River.  It will be on Saturday 3/25/17 and more details will follow.

As mentioned at the last meeting The Fly Fishing Shop has donated a Deschutes Steelhead trip for four members. It will be after 10/15/17 and will cover water below Mack’s Canyon for two days of fishing.   It is absolutely a lights out opportunity for some members to have a great fishing experience with one of Oregon’s premier Steelhead guides, Mark Bachmann.  More details will follow as we plan to auction a seat a month.

Remember our sponsors by visiting their shops when you are in their area. Stop in and purchase something, book a trip, or just say hello and thank them for their support.

Gil Henderson


President’s Message February 2017



Wow, what a year we are having with all the snow and ice, which has really made getting around a challenge not to mention fishing. There have been some areas that have produced opportunities such as the coastal rivers. Still getting there can be a challenge.

Even with the poor weather we were able to reschedule our January meeting and our speaker Joel La Follette, Royal Treatment Fly Shop,  was able to join us the next week. Many of you made the adjustment and enjoyed is program on the Trout Trail. He had many great pictures and some very interesting information on his ancestry. His parting words was to get out and explore new places and new fishing opportunities.

This month we will be welcoming Mark Bachmann, The Fly Fishing Shop, located in Welches Oregon. Mark is our longest and one of strongest supporters of our club as he continues to demonstrate each year. As in the past he will be donating a guided fishing trip for two members on the Sandy River. In addition he has donated a two day trip for four members in his Steelhead camp on the Deschutes River. What an incredible value for the club.  Thank you Mark!!!!

You saw a brief recap of the Sandy fish-a-long hosted by Dave Kilhefner. Although no Steelhead were caught, the ten members who attended had a great time and gained some techniques they can utilize later. This month we will again try for Steelhead on the Clackamas river. More information to follow.

Please, welcome to the board Paul Brewer as our new Fish-a-Long Director.  If you have suggestions or ideas about our fish-a-longs please let Paul know.  Give Paul a thank you for stepping forward to assume this role.

He is replacing Lane Hoffman who has had that role for a number of years not to mention the other roles he has served including President.  We all owe Lane a resounding word of Thanks for all the contributions he has made to the club.

Remember our sponsors by visiting their shops when you are in their area. Stop in and purchase something, book a trip, or just say hello and thank them for their support.

Gil Henderson


President’s Message January 2017


A new year is upon and we have a great list of activities and speakers already in the works. We closed out the last year with a great December meeting. Our speaker was Rob Crandall of Water Time outfitters and he gave a great presentation about techniques for catching winter steelhead. In addition Phil Bartsch played Santa with every member receiving a sponsor gift certificate or a usable gift.  We had a good turnout and all left in good cheer.

Looking at this month we have some neat things planned for you. First our speaker this. month is Joel Lafolette, from The Royal Treatment Fly Shop in West Linn, Oregon. Joel will be presenting a program he has been working on for months involving unique Trout fishing opportunities in the northwest. You do not want to miss this program.

Our next fish-a-long is potentially going to a neat outing on the Sandy River. Dave Kilhefner has graciously offered to let us fish for Steelhead from his property on the Sandy River. Lunch will be provided so be alert for additional details later this month. Of course things may have to change because of water conditions.

Fly tying will again kick off on Wednesday January 25th, 6:00 PM at the Royal Treatment Fly Shop. More details to follow.

Remember our sponsors by visiting their shops when you are in their area. Stop in and purchase something, book a trip, or just say hello and thank them for their support.

Gil Henderson



President’s Message November 2016



We have an early fish-a-long this month as we will be going to the Kilchis River, if weather permits, after Chum Salmon. The date is Saturday 11/12/16 and we usually meet about 8:30 AM. More details to follow.

Last months’ speaker was Josh Linn from the Royal Treatment Fly Shop and he shared more information about catching Steelhead. Our next speaker is Nate Brumley who hails from Idaho and will be speaking to a few clubs in our area. Nate is founder of Dry Fly Innovations and has penned a host of fly patterns.  This should be a very informative meeting.

A heads up for our December meeting as Santa will again be giving a gift to every member in attendance. We will also be giving away a few of our sponsors gift certificates to some lucky attendees.

We will not be having a fly tying night in November or December  because of conflicts with Thanksgiving and Christmas.   We will pick things up in January 2017.

Remember our sponsors by visiting their shops when you are in their area. Stop in and purchase something, book a trip, or just say hello and thank them for their support.

Gil Henderson


President’s Message October 2016

Here we go on the last part of the year as fall arrives with winter shortly on it’s heels. Where has the year gone as it seems like it was just spring a short time ago.  Unfortunately, it has been a weak year for the return of Steelhead, Coho and Chinook in our local water ways. Of course some have been successful in catching them, but on the whole it has not been a strong year.  We still have a lot of enjoyable activities and speakers to keep our interest in the upcoming weeks.

Our speaker last month was Cheryl McGinnis, Executive Director,  of the Clackamas River Basin Council and she discussed many of their projects for fish habitat as well as the annual Clackamas River Cleanup. This is an activity that we as a club should support each year with participation from our members. You do not have to have a boat to help. We will keep you posted as the next one in September 2017.

Our October speaker is Josh Linn of the Royal Treatment Fly Shop in West LInn.  Josh has spoken to us before and always does a great job. He will be speaking on Steelhead Fishing in the Fall.  This will coordinate well with our planned October fish-a-long on the Deschutes River.

Speaking of a fish-a-long it looks like our last one on October 2nd was fun for all that attended. It was on the Deschutes and the group pursued both Trout and Steelhead. Appeared to be great weather and a fun time for all.

As mentioned we plan to have our next fish-a-long will be on the Deschutes on October 22nd and we will again try for Trout and Steelhead.

Wanted to give you a heads up as regards the November fish-a-long where we have traditionally tried for Chum Salmon on the Kilchis River. The season ends on 11/15/16 so we will have our November fish-a-long on Saturday 11/12/16.  Mark your calendar and stay alert as it is always  weather dependent.

Do not forget fly tying on Wednesday 10/26/16 at Royal Treatment Fly Shop. More details to follow as to pattern and time.

Remember our sponsors by visiting their shops when you are in their area. Stop in and purchase something, book a trip, or just say hello and thank them for their support.

Gil Henderson



President’s Message September 2016





Wow, the month off went really fast and it is time to get back into the swing of things. Hope you all had a chance to get out on a river or lake in the last few months.  We should have some good opportunities for Steelhead, Salmon and Trout in the coming weeks so all is not lost. Now on to what is coming up this month

Our speaker is Cherlynn McGuinnis of the Clackamas River Basin Council who will share with us developments on the Clackamas and neighboring streams. It is our home water and should be an interesting presentation.

Our fish-a-long this month is in the works and hopefully will be pretty close to home. For a change we would like to target Coho, but we will need to work out some logistics. More to come.

Fly tying will be on again on Wednesday 9/28/16 at the Royal Treatment Fly Shop. Our pattern this month will be a Steelhead skating fly.  This will support our planned Steelhead fish-a-long on the Deschutes in October.

Remember our sponsors by visiting their shops when you are in their area. Stop in and purchase something, book a trip, or just say hello and thank them for their support.

Gil Henderson




President’s Message June 2016

It is great to be back up and running with the blog eventhough I missed publishing last month. Just could not get my act together. From the site it sure looks like we have been busy with great outings, speakers, and even a swap meet. Hope you have been able to get out fishing as conditions have been good. Now to  some club business.

Our Fish-a-long Director (Lane Hoffman) has been in this role for a number of years. He has notified the board that this will be his last year so we need to find someone to take his place. We have fish-a-longs each month except for August and December. The Director selects the location of the outing, promotes it to the members, coordinates food, carpooling, etc.,  and hosts the event. The person does not have to be at every event as other members are available to help. Please, give this position some thought and let any board member know of your interest. The club could really use your help.

We had a swap meet at the last meeting and a number of members left with some useful items. We plan to do it again in a couple of years.

The June speaker is Jason Borger who had spoken to us a few years ago on the filming of the movie “A River Runs Through It”. Jason did the fly casting in that movie. He will  do a presentation on Dry Fly Fishing. He is an interesting and entertaining speaker so be sure and make this one.

In reviewing the blog I saw that the Rocky Ridge Ranch fish-a-long was well attended and enjoyed some good times. Well, we are scheduled to return to the lakes for the June fish-a-long except we will be targeting warm water fish. The outing will be on Mullen Lake and is free to all attending. Lane is planning a fish tacos for lunch. It should be a great time on Saturday 6/25/16.

We are again assisting the Royal Treatment Fly Shop on their annual Kids Day on Saturday  July 9,2016.  We have been on hand to serve lunch, assist in casting instruction, and fly tying. We will need some volunteers to help for the event. A separate notice will be coming so you can respond if you can help out.

Remember our sponsors by visiting their shops when you are in their area. Stop in and purchase something, book a trip, or just say hello and thank them for their support.

Gil Henderson