November 2023 Fish A Long Report

This months Fish A Long was well attended and was about what we expected; colder than last month! Most of the spawning salmon had died but fish were still keying on egg patterns. Besides eggs, there was a decent Blue Wing Olive hatch in the afternoon and BWO nymphs accounted for a good amount of fish too.

The White River was blown out but the cold weather had it clearing up pretty fast, so it never got too bad where we were fishing.

Overall fishing was pretty good until a front moved thru on Saturday afternoon. Then the bite shut down and the wind filled the river up with leaves. Chris G came over on Sunday and reported the fishing was slow in the morning but good in the afternoon.

This was a great wrap up for our 2023 Fish A Longs with good food, good campfires and fun times had by all. Thanks to everyone that made this another fun Fish A Long weekend!

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