CFF September 2023 Fishing Reports

September is always a good month and this year was no exception. We’ve got some great reports to share; pictures are first with the written reports below.

From Joe Warren & George Krumm: Fishing was pretty good on the Naknek last week. Best fish was 33″! These trout are just like steelhead! Three of our 4 angler group landed trout in excess of 30”. Caught my first arctic char, 28″. I definitely want to go back!

Three of the four anglers in the group landed fish in excess of 30 inches. If you’re interested in going, email George at

From Dave Kilhefner: Rich Harvey and I hit the Clackamas above North Fork Reservoir. Fishing was slow but we got a few. The river was lower than ever before and wading was very slippery.

From Lane Hoffman: There are some good reasons to get up early!

From Craig Kerschen: Laurence Lake has fished well all summer. The stocked rainbows are very healthy with 16″ fish fairly common along with small Bull trout and cutthroats. Afternoons will usually have a good Calibaetis hatch. Fishing the west end in float tube on the west end is my favorite approach.

From Dave Kilhefner: managed to combine business with a fishing trip to the St Joe River in the Idaho panhandle for Cutthroat & Whitefish. Fishing was off and on but when it was on, it was on!

From Chris Gardiner: spent 3 nights camping on the Metolious with friends at Lower Bridge campground. Fished between the Hatchery and LB campground. Tons of bug hatches but picky fish for the dry fly action. Picked up all my fish euro nymphing. The big ‘Bow pictured put up a hell of a fight with some screaming reel moments. Fun stuff!

From Matt Baker: I was able to find a few sea run cutthroat on the Wilson with the help of a few past trip reports.  The water was low and fishing somewhat slow but there were a few willing to bite.  Also went up and explored Fish Creek a bit; water was very low but I can confirm there are a few small fish in Fish Creek. 

From Ian Porteous: a mid September personal best coho!

Thanks to everyone for contributing reports this month!

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