July 2023 Fish A Long Report

Harriet Lake was freshly stocked and the fishing was on fire! As you’d suspect most of the fish were in the 10-13” range but a few 15 to 18” trout were landed. The hot techniques were trolling small dark leeches on an intermediate line or the lake standby, suspending Chironomids (or small nymphs) under an indicator.

We chose Harriet as the water stays cool thru the summer. This weekend is was 48 in the morning and got up to 52 in the afternoon. Also, the water is extremely clear and will all the trout swimming around it was like fishing in an aquarium. We had a good turnout with 8 club members fishing on Saturday.

Five of us camped out at Shellrock Creek campground, a semi primitive first come campground about ten minutes from Harriet. We were blessed with perfect weather and good times we’re had by all. Thanks to everyone for coming!

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