CFF September 2022 Fishing Reports

September had some big wildfires in Oregon but we had some good fishing too! As always, the pictures are first with the member reports below.

From Chris Gardiner: Spent 3 days on the Metolious with a couple fishing buddies. There were a ton of hatches going on, including Green Drakes and October Caddis. Caught a fair amount of decent sized Whitefish and a few healthy Redsides. We definitely put in the work to get the hook-ups. Lots of hiking and crawling in and out of the river. My buddy flew his drone for a few minutes just for fun. Pretty cool view of the Met from above.

From John Silkey: Did my first float of the Deschutes where I was behind the oars. Drifted a slow two nights from Buckhollow to Mack’s with a friend from AZ. He was targeting trout, I was after Steelhead. Neither of us did much of anything, yet it was still a gorgeous journey. The one trout we pulled in was on my spey rod (gobbled up a redneck revenge.) Didn’t see a lot of bug activity on top of or under the water. Reports from other anglers echoed our slow performance but did hear of at least 2 steelhead landed on that stretch.

From George Krumm: Pretty much all I did this month was hover fish for salmon. Fishing was good! Spent a lot of days in Drano lake and at the mouth of the Klickitat. One evening in Drano Marcus and I caught 17 kings!

From Chris Brehm: Fished three days on the lower Umpqua for Coho & only netted two. (No Pics) Lots of jumpers but few biters. My friend went back the following week and did well.

Tried to fish East Lake but the water was too low to get my boat in, so I Fished Paulina Lake twice and caught mostly small Rainbows on Baetis Nymphs plus a nice Brown on a Beetle.

Finished the month with two days at Diamond Lake. Fishing was slow overall but got a few very nice Browns on Leech Patterns, and my very first Tiger Trout on a Chironomid.

From Darryl Huff: did well on steelhead in the lower Deschutes, including my biggest hatchery steelhead to date; it weighted 16lbs.

From Dave Kilhefner: Inspired by a report from Chris Gardiner (see the June reports) I hit northern Idaho and had some good fishing for West Slope Cutthroat & Whitefish on the St Joe River by Calder.

Thanks to everyone for providing these reports!

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