December & January Fishing Reports

Thanks to everyone for sharing your reports! Pictures are first with the reports below.

From Chris Brehm:  Pyramid Lake NV has been on my bucket list for a while. A break in the weather mid January was my opportunity. Although most people fish from shore and ladders, I took my boat down for 3 days of fishing.

Our catch included about 25 fish up to 7 lbs, but the huge Lahontans this lake is famous for eluded us. They call fish under 10lbs “Rats”. The biggest was taken on a Chartreuse and White Clouser. Hope to go back in March or April.

From Phil Renner: I got over to the Deschutes a couple of times in January for some good winter trout action. The weather was good and it fished really well. 

 From Darryl Huff: I’ve made a few trips to the Deschutes with my new trout spey rod and found a hand full of fish willing to chase a swung fly.

From George Krumm: Gear fished the Sandy and got a few nice steelhead using jigs and also bobberdoggin’.

From Rhona Dallison: On an unexpectedly windy day Laura McGuill, Gretchen Sminkey, Kelly Dezura and Rhona Dallison met up at the Deschutes Angler before heading to the river at Harpham Flat. Despite the crazy line-tangling winds, Kelly got into a couple Redbands with a weighted stonefly near the top of a riffle, plus Gretchen got a rainbow further downstream. While fishing we ran into Paul Brewer.

Thanks again to everyone that contributed reports this month. Good fishing!

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