Fly Tying January 2021: Silvernator

The Silvernator by local expert guide Brian Silvey is a relatively quick fly to tie and has great movement in the water. It’s also fun to go a little wild with the color combinations. So get your materials, get creative, and see what color combinations you can come up with!

Originator: Brian Silvey

Tier and Photo Credit: Mike Brown is the owner of Mossy’s Fly Shop in Anchorage, AK.  He’s a lifelong Alaskan with a passion for family, fly fishing, and fly tying

Material List:

  • Tube: Pro Tube Nano Tube
  • Hook Guide/Junction Tube: Pro Tube Hook Guide Medium or Large
  • Thread: Veevus 140 pictured; any strong thread works.
  • Tail: Straight Cut Rabbit Strip
  • Wings: Ostrich Feathers
  • Flash: Holographic Flash or Angle Hair
  • Collar: Schlappen
  • Beadhead: Pro Tube Pro Flexi Bead pictured.

Step 1.  Place your tube with hook guide or junction tubing on to your mandrel, this will give you an idea of how long you want to make your tail.  Start your thread at the base of your junction tube.

Step 2.  Tie in your rabbit strip.  Cut the strip a little bit longer than the end of your junction tube.

Step 3.  Using 5-10 ostrich feathers, tie in on each side of the rabbit strip, I rotated the fly in the picture to show them on each side.  You want the wings to be even with the end of the junction tube or just a little longer.

Step 4.  Tie in your flash, 2-4 strands, and place them along each side of the fly.  Trim the flash with a feather cut to the end of your rabbit tail.

Step 5.  Tie in your schlappen and the base end.

Step 6.  Wrap the schlappen 2-3 turns and tie off.  Whip finish, but don’t build to big of a head.

Step 7.  Slide your bead head on, it should cover up your head and sit firmly again the schlappen collar.

Step 8.  Cut your tube and melt back to secure the bead head.

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