May 25th Fish-A-Long Report

Thank you to everyone who came to this months Fish-A-Long. Also, a double thank you to CFF members Kevin and Joey who did some extra recon over the last couple weekends to help us find the right place to go today and also to Robert Campbell, co-author of Fishing Mt Hood Country, who generously shared his knowledge of this lake.

For several years Iā€™d been hearing good things about Timothy Lake so I was excited to finally get to fish here. On the way to the lake I stopped in at The Fly Fishing Shop where Tony gave me some good advice and hot flies (#8 AP Emerger) that worked all day long.

Even thought the weather was cool and a little windy, all the other stars aligned to make this a great day. The lake had been recently stocked, the water was very clear and 55 degrees; perfect for good trout activity. Everyone caught fish, a couple trout over 20ā€ were landed and to top it all off we saw a pair of eagles teaching their young how do dive bomb the surface of the lake and snag a trout dinner. Richard Harvey did a great job capturing a video.

One thought on “May 25th Fish-A-Long Report

  1. Hi – if you wouldn’t mind sharing, I was wondering where you put in and fished when you were at Timothy Lake. I used to fish there when I had a boat with motor, and could easily get anywhere. But now with my little inflatable pontoon boat, can’t do that easily. Thanks, and hope to see you at the next meeting. šŸ™‚
    Sue Deering

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