Rocky Ridge Ranch Fish-A-Long

This coming weekend (May 21 & 22) will be our annual trip to the Rocky Ridge Ranch Lakes.

This is one of the finest fisheries available and limited to 8 anglers per day. As of now we have 1 opening for Saturday the 21st and 2 openings for Sunday the 22nd. The cost is $100 dollars per day (normal cost is $135). We also have a few spaces at the lake cabin for $30 dollars a night. There are 6 beds available.


  • 5 to 7wt outfits with at least 75 yds backing
  • floating & intermediate sinking fly lines
  • 9 ft leaders from 5X to 1X tippets; fluorocarbon best for sub surface presentations
  • float tubes or pontoon boats, but there is plenty of bank access
  • big landing nets
  • waders & layered clothing with rain gear (it’s Oregon)
  • camera, don’t want to miss that big fish picture, it can happen here!

The plan is to meet Sat or Sun morning at the middle lake cabin. Lane will be there so what time you show up is up to you. Coffee and doughnuts will be provided.

We’ll have soft drinks and water but you’ll need to bring a lunch. Instruction and spare equipment is available.

For those staying at the cabin, contact Lane & we’ll get a dinner menu. There is a tavern/restaurant, a few miles away. Directions can be found at

This is one of our best outings of the year. Last year there were many very large fish landed, one day we landed 4 or 5 fish over 10 pounds!  This is truly a trophy fishery, and shouldn’t be missed.

Questions see Lane at the CFF Monthly meeting Tuesday May 17th or E-mail.

One thought on “Rocky Ridge Ranch Fish-A-Long

  1. Lane,
    I will be joining the club starting tomorrow – will bring a completed form & payment. What time does it start?
    Also, I’m interested in the Rocky Ridge trip this weekend (one day) if not too late. I am rejoining fly-fishing after about 30 years of non-use so could use some advice on my old gear for this weekend if I go – previously did bank, dry fly fishing but am open to others. My neighbor, Brian Stewart recommended I contact you.
    Kirk Clagstone

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