Spring Chironomid Fishing Report

On Friday May 6th Lane Hoffman and Dave Kilhefner took off for the afternoon to fish Little Tree and Big Tree Lakes at the Oregon Fishing Club. The afternoon could not have been better with clear skies and a nice breeze.

Lane wanted to chase Bass with Streamers and Poppers. He was on the board first with a nice Largemouth about 3 lbs, which took his second cast close to a weed edge. He saw more bass but could not entice them to strike.

Dave started fishing Chironomids with a floating line & long leader, letting them sink for a full minute & slowly raising them back to the surface with a long slow pull & repeating. The trout found this hard to resist and he caught a lot of them doing this. Seeing the action, Lane joined in the fun and caught the biggest trout of the day which was a fat 20 incher. Most of the trout were in the 15 to 18 inch range.

The bite slowed down around 4:30. Our afternoon fishing excursion saw about 30 trout and one bass brought to hand and released.

Lane’s big trout and the hot fly patterns, epoxy buzzers tied on size 14 hooks, are pictured.

tn_IMG_1216 tn_IMG_2975

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