Rainier Lakes Fish-A-Long Report

A big thank you to everyone who came today. The company was great but the fishing was a little tough! One the good side, all the fish caught were good sized. One club member even got a 5lb rainbow!

The weather was overcast with light rain off and on throughout the day. Water temp was 57 degrees, water clarity about 3 feet. It looked like the lake may be going thru a spring turnover.

Mostly we fished seal buggers and chironomids. We saw trout aggressively taking some big black “bomber” chironomids in the surface film and #12 and #14 chironomid pupa patterns in dark shades fished close to the bottom accounted for most of the trout taken today.

tn_IMG_1129 tn_IMG_1144 tn_IMG_1149 tn_IMG_1152 tn_IMG_1153 tn_IMG_1155 tn_IMG_1159

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