Euro-Nymphing Techniques, new library DVD

Based partly on success in international competition, the various European techniques—Czech, Polish, French—have stirred interest in America recently. In competition, suspension indicators and split shot are not allowed. Techniques include 10–11 foot single-handed rods, very long leaders incorporating high visibility “sighters” for strike indication, weighted flies that allow longer casting with long leaders, and sometimes thin diameter fly lines. The techniques are related to short-line, high sticking nymphing.

A new library acquisition is the excellent, highly recommended DVD by Devin Olsen and Lance Egan, Modern Nymphing: European Inspired Techniques. The DVD includes description of when to use conventional nymphing versus Euro methods.

Two other DVDs featuring Lance Egan are also available. The titles are Nymphing Foundations and Nymphing Expert Tactics. The first is on conventional techniques and the second on European techniques. Egan is the guy who landed 72 trout in three hours on the Crooked River in October 2012 during the U.S. National Fly Fishing Championship; see Don Robert’s article in Fly Fishing & Tying Journal, Spring 2013.

Featuring Euro-techniques, we also have the valuable book Dynamic Nymphing by George Daniel, who is a friend of Lance Egan. Daniel also has several YouTube videos.

Online fly fishing and tying resources

Besides the CFF library books and DVDs, we all use the many internet resources. Regular email newsletters from our sponsors are valuable and we should sign up. The newsletters include new products and fishing/tying techniques, fishing reports, and upcoming events. For example, Mark Bachmann in his fly fishing shop weekly newsletter recently had an article describing the geological history of the Sandy River, along with present fishing potential (the subject for our February meeting).

Other weekly emails worth signing up for are Gink and Gasoline, and MidCurrent. A blog site that I’ve found valuable, with fresh techniques and perspectives, is Finally, don’t forget Westfly.

Carson Taylor
CFF Education Director/librarian

Recent library acquisitions

Recent library acquisitions and donations include these valuable books and DVDs:

Nate Brumley, Winter on a Dry Fly, full version from our November speaker

Nate Brumley, Addicted to the Rise: A Dry Fly Book
Gary Lewis, Fishing Central Oregon, Sixth Edition
Larry Tullis, Nymphing Strategies
Jim Teeny, The Teeny Technique for Steelhead & Salmon
Dave Hughes, Dry Fly Fishing
Lani Waller, A Steelheader’s Way (we also have this as an audio book)
Gary Borger, Presentations Dec Hogan, A Passion for Steelhead
Mike Croft, The Fish Bum’s Guide to Catching Larger Trout


Recommended summer reading

On our new website you can find the library catalog. I can’t add rows yet for new items, but I’ll inform you of acquistions.


Fairly recent books that are well worth reading include:

George Daniel, Strip-Set: Fly-fishing techniques tactics, & patterns for streamers

Denny Rickards, Stillwater Presentation

John R. Anderson, Fly Fishing Oregon’s Crooked River

Dave Hughes, Wet Flies Second Edition

Michael Gorman, Effective Stillwater Fly Fishing

Michael Gorman, American Nymph Fly-Fishing Guide