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Rainier Lakes 2-1-19

This is a great Oregon Fishing Club property, with very little pressure this time of year.  I fished from my float tube, and using my new Garmin depth finder.  I see how this will be really useful this Spring when I get more heavily into stillwater fishing, especially when exploring new waters.

I've fished Rainier a number of times, so didn’t learn too much new with the Garmin.  I still managed to snag up on all the same stumps that I usually do.   Once I got the depth and retrieve dialed in the fishing was good.  I brought about 8 rainbows to the net, between 13 and 18”.

If anyone who isn’t a member of OFC would like to try this place out with me as a guest, hit me up.  It is best fished with a float tube and a 5 or 6 wt with a full intermediate line or a floater with an intermediate sink tip.


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I would be interested to go back to the Rainier Lakes if we could work out a day.


Let's talk at the meeting and figure out a day.