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Puget Sound March 1, 2019

No better way to bring in a new month than a fishing trip.  My neighbor and fishing buddy David and I spent the day with Nick Clayton ( going after searun cutts and Coho.  The day started very promising with partial overcast skies and cold but manageable temps.  Nick pretty quickly got us into some Coho that were showing themselves.  Over the next few hours the cloud cover disappeared but we continued to find a few fish.  I was pretty good at screwing up the hook set and missing several fish.

After lunch we got more favorable sun angle and we were casting into fishy looking looking shaded banks with structure and pulled out a really nice cutt and missed/ “medium distance released” some others.  We played wack-a-mole with a school of Coho, but when we found them David and I doubled up.  We ended the day with me finally getting my strip set down and bringing Nick to laughter as he thought I was going to pull the face off of a Coho that liked my little trailing hook pink flash pattern.  Fortunately it was a scrappy fin clipped fish that will be for lunch today.

All in all a great day with an excellent guy.  Props to Nick for busting ass with a recovering knee!  5 star recommendation on the guide service.  All photos are by Nick Clayton.

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