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Big Tree Lake

Inspired by my friend Chris' Instagram report on fishing "boobie flies" at Big Tree Lake (Oregon Fishing Club) last Saturday I tied some up to see if they'd work. They did!

If you're not familiar with them, boobie flies have a high floating foam head and are fished with a sinking line and short 3' leader so they can hover above the bottom structure. Also, you can fish them very slowly, which works well in the winter when the water is cold. On this day it was hovering around the 40 degree mark.

Caught fish on both the first and last cast of the day, bringing about a dozen trout to hand thru the afternoon and missed several strikes. In the chilly water strikes are very soft.

The weather was interesting; it was sunny at first, then clouds rolled in at it started hailing and then snowing. Rode out that storm in the truck with the heater on and contemplated heading home but the storm blew thru and the fish started jumping so back out for another hour and a few more fish before heading home.


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Nice!  I have a few booby flies myself that I intend to try tomorrow at Schmadeke Pond.