February 25th Fish A Long Report

I’m typing this report on a windy, rainy Sunday morning and feeling thankful we had such a nice day yesterday for the Fish-A-Long at McIver Park.

We had a great turnout. Thanks to everyone for coming. A special thanks to Paul Brewer for the hot coffee and good food and Dave Kilhefner for spey casting instruction.

The water conditions were perfect for winter steelhead fly fishing. We fished every nook and cranny within sight but it has been a slow year and no fish were caught. Andrew reported seeing a fish jumping upstream but could not get it to take.

It was fun to help some of the clubs beginning spey casters with their casting and we made good progress! The theme of the day was to work on getting the anchor set. Once this is done the rest of the cast becomes much easier, but it takes a little time and practice to get used to the feel of a spey rod. Keep at it!

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CFF February Fish-A-Long

This month’s Fish-A-Long will be held Saturday, February 25th on the Clackamas River. The location is yet to be determined but will likely be at McIver Park at the lower boat ramp. The wading here is easy and fish have been caught.

What- Winter Steelhead

Where- Clackamas River

When- 8am until lunchtime, Saturday, February 25th


  • Spey or Switch Rod
  • Skagit Line & sink tip(s)
  • 15lb tippet material
  • flies, bright patterns and dark patterns
  • waders & wading staff
  • rain gear
  • warm, layered clothing

Directions- go to McIver Park. Take the 1st left and drive down the hill. There will be a few turn outs—just keep to the left until you reach the lower boat ramp area.

We will have coffee, donuts and lunch. This fish a long will focus on spey casting and swung fly presentations. Questions; email or call Paul Brewer or Dave Kilhefner. Hope to see you there!

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Jan 28th Fish-A-Long Report

Fishing was good, weather was good, camaraderie was good, food was good but the catching was not good. That’s winter steelhead fly fishing!

Thanks to everyone for coming and making this a fun fish-a-long!

tn_img_1941 tn_img_1930 tn_img_1926

Jim Adams showing us the right way to spey cast & swing the fly slowly across the current. If there was a fish in there, he’d a caught it!

The Chums are In!

Lane Hoffman is down at the coast today doing a little “pre-fishing” for our annual Chum Salmon Fish-A-Long tomorrow.

He reports the rivers are in good shape with lots of fish. Some rain is expected but it will take a lot to put the river out of shape. Fishing should be good tomorrow!

CFF November Fish-A-Long

This months Fish-A-Long will be held Saturday, the 12th of November. This is our annual trip to the Kilches River fishing for Chum Salmon. This is a popular, well attended CFF trip fishing for big, strong, hard fighting Chum salmon. Early reports have confirmed this should be a banner year for Chum returns to the Tillamook areas streams.

What- Chum Salmon

Where- Kilches River

When- 8am Saturday the 12th of November


  • 7 to 10wt rods with matching reel  at least 100 yards of backing
  • floating & sink tip lines
  • 6 to 10 ft leaders tapered to 15 to 20 pound test
  • flies, bright both weighted and unweighted size 2 to 6. I’ll have extra
  • long nose pliers, Chums have big sharp teeth
  • waders & wading staff, the Kilches in not a hard river to wade
  • rain gear, it’s the Oregon coast
  • warm, layered clothing

Directions- take highway OR- 6 to Tillamook, then head North on Hwy 101 to the Kilches river road. Take the Kilches river road & when you pass the gravel pit take a right over the wooden bridge well meet at the parking lot of the boat launch on the left. Instruction and extra equipment will be provided. I will be down checking on the fishing conditions Friday the 11th. Check the blog for updates before heading over.

If you have never caught big (10 to 20 pounds) hard fighting fish, this trip is for you, it’s usually a real fun action packed outing that shouldn’t be missed, hope to see you there! Questions send me an E-mail or a phone call Lane Hoffman.




October 1st Fish-A-Long

This months Fish-A-Long will be held Saturday October 1st on the Deschutes River in Maupin.

The plan: meet at Paul Brewer’s place in Maupin between 8am and 9am. Coffee and doughnuts will be provided. We can meet at the Rainbow or the Riverside in Maupin for lunch later.

Please email Dave@kbi-ins.com if you plan to attend so we can get you a map to Paul’s place and also so we can get a head count.

Gear: 4 to 6wt rods with matching reel & floating lines. Indicator nymphing rigs with small glo- bugs and/or standard nymphs like Pheasant Tails and Hair’s ears. Swinging for steelhead is a possibility too but reports indicate steelhead fishing has been really slow. Waders with felt or cleated boots and layered clothing (can be cool in the morning).

Lunch: We can meet at the Rainbow or the Riverside in Maupin for lunch around 1pm.

This is a great time to fish the Deschutes River for trout as they will be concentrated below schools of spawning salmon and fishing can be excellent!

Questions: E-mail Dave@kbi-ins.com


July Fish-A-Long

This months Fish-A-Long will be held on local waters close to home. Guided by the book, “Fishing Mount Hood Country” written by Gary Lewis and Robert Campbell. Gary is a well know outdoor writer and the son of our former CFF Board member Don Lewis. Robert is the author of books and article’s and is the manager of Fisherman’s Marine & Outdoor in Oregon City. Both have extensive knowledge and experience fishing local waters!

The plan will be to meet at the Flyfishing Shop in Welches 7:30 am or so on Saturday the 23rd of July. From their we’ll head out to a couple of different locations exploring Mt. Hood waters. There have been some excellent fishing reports and we’ll be depending on the Fly Fishing Shop for the latest information to make our day a success. You’ll need 3 to 5wt rods with matching reel & line. Waders and perhaps a floating device if we find our selves on a lake. The weather looks great!

Hopefully this will open up new fishing adventures close to home!

Fishing Mt Hood Country Cover

June Fish-A-Long

This months Fish-A-Long will be held Saturday the 25th at Mulen Lake on Rocky Ridge Ranch. This is the same Fish-A-Long we did last year, with the goal of total eradication of warm water fish from the lake. This will be a catch and fillet for bass, crappie and bluegill. Like last year we will take the fillets and turn them into fish tacos for lunch! While there are trout in the lake we must release them unharmed with the use of single barbless hooks only.

The plan: meet at the lake when you want, I’ll be there around 7:30 or so.

Gear: 5 to 9wt rods with matching reel, both floating and sinking lines, 7 1/2 to 10 foot leaders tapered to 3 to 0X these fish are not leader shy, bass and panfish flies, woolly buggers work great (I’ll have extra gear), some kind of floating devise is recommended, sunscreen, layered clothing (can be cool in the morning)

Lunch will be lunch around 1 pm. Bring your fillets an the club will provide the rest.

This is a great time to fish one of Oregon’s premiere lakes for free, which is a very good price! Last year everyone had a really good time, this is a trip you shouldn’t miss.

Questions, ask Lane at the meeting or E-mail lanehf@comcast.net.


Rocky Ridge Ranch Fish-A-Long

This coming weekend (May 21 & 22) will be our annual trip to the Rocky Ridge Ranch Lakes.

This is one of the finest fisheries available and limited to 8 anglers per day. As of now we have 1 opening for Saturday the 21st and 2 openings for Sunday the 22nd. The cost is $100 dollars per day (normal cost is $135). We also have a few spaces at the lake cabin for $30 dollars a night. There are 6 beds available.


  • 5 to 7wt outfits with at least 75 yds backing
  • floating & intermediate sinking fly lines
  • 9 ft leaders from 5X to 1X tippets; fluorocarbon best for sub surface presentations
  • float tubes or pontoon boats, but there is plenty of bank access
  • big landing nets
  • waders & layered clothing with rain gear (it’s Oregon)
  • camera, don’t want to miss that big fish picture, it can happen here!

The plan is to meet Sat or Sun morning at the middle lake cabin. Lane will be there so what time you show up is up to you. Coffee and doughnuts will be provided.

We’ll have soft drinks and water but you’ll need to bring a lunch. Instruction and spare equipment is available.

For those staying at the cabin, contact Lane & we’ll get a dinner menu. There is a tavern/restaurant, a few miles away. Directions can be found at RockyRidgeRanch.com

This is one of our best outings of the year. Last year there were many very large fish landed, one day we landed 4 or 5 fish over 10 pounds!  This is truly a trophy fishery, and shouldn’t be missed.

Questions see Lane at the CFF Monthly meeting Tuesday May 17th or E-mail.